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BurnButter® Chocolate Mousse

PREP 5 Minutes               COOK 5 Minutes               TOTAL 10 minutes

Smooth, creamy, chocolaty. Made with heavy cream and mascarpone this is the perfect basic recipe for the ultimate chocolate lover dessert.

Makes 4 servings


½ cup of mascarpone

1 cup of heavy cream

1 pouch BurnButter® Natural

2 teaspoons monkfruit sweetener (granulated, or sweetener of choice)

3 tablespoons raw cocoa powder


Whisk heavy cream in a bowl until thick. In a separate bowl, add rest of ingredients and whisk until sweetener has dissolved. Mix mascarpone cocoa mixture and heavy cream together, adjust sweetener to your liking and place covered in the refrigerator for a few hours to thicken. Enjoy.


Also delicious: replace BurnButter® Natural with BurnButter® Hazelnut or Mocha. Mascarpone, heavy cream, BurnButter and a sweetener of your choice on its own are a great basic recipe to get creative with – for example add lemon juice instead of cocoa powder to create a lemon mousse. By adding a bit of heavy cream (not whipped) to the basic recipe you create a smoother texture which is perfect to serve alongside the chocolate mousse. 


The nutrition facts provided are estimates and are based on the recipe calculator to calculate approximate values.