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Inspiration for Spokatopia 2019 at Dishman Hills

Planning for Spokatopia 2019… so we ventured into Dishman Hills for inspiration, matching the strong outdoor adventure vibe brought to us via Out There Monthly and their killer festival. First up… a beautiful, quick up and down from Steven’s Creek Trailhead to see Big Rock in the evenings last light.

Next… a great morning energy test as had only a black tea with BurnButter before heading out to hike the nearly 7 miles and 2000 feet elevation gain… not a problem!!!  [Steven’s Creek Trailhead and Iller Creek Loop]

Nature’s paintings appearing in splendor with abundant wildflowers, blue skies and fluffy clouds, statement rocks, and varied greenery.

Amazing to see many of you out climbing, biking, and hiking. Now, looking forward to see you all at Spokatopia July 13th-14th and providing you some samples of our amazing BurnButter! Make sure to come by and say hello 😊