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Increase performance,
decrease body fat and speed up process of weight loss.

Grass Fed Ghee

Gluten-free and provides healthy fats and the buttery taste you love on your favorite foods or beverages.


Monk fruit sweetener has been around for decades. All natural, zero calories, antioxidant properties with zero impact on glycemic index. 


Easy access whether you are aft the beach, in the office on hiking a mountain. 

Fast Healthy Energy

Fueling your body on healthy fats gives instant energy without the crash. Add to coffee, tea & food.

Amazing Flavors

Our product has many benefits, but to us if it doesn't taste good, why use it. Mocha, Hazelnut and natural all deliver a delicious flavor punch to any foods and beverages. 

something for everyone

Why BurnButter?

 Adding healthy fats to your life and diet does not need to be difficult. We launched BurnButter with the idea that a single pouch could begin the journey to a healthier, more active and more fulfilled you. Make the shift to a better you, starting today.

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Mocha Ghee

For those that love dark chocolate, this is for you. Rich and creamy dark chocolate is folded into our mix of healthy fats making an irresistible pouch full of goodness. Use your imagination and tell us how you chose to use your Mocha BurnButter!

"Awesome testimonial here. To be provided. More info for double line.More info for double line."

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