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We use eco-friendly cups, sleeves, lids, and straws. All our cups are compostable, including the materials we use to customize them. The plastic cups use PLA plastic, which consists of renewable raw materials. The hot cups are also compostable. Remember the difference between compostable and recyclable: if disposed of properly, compostable items break down and can be used to grow more resources, whereas recyclable items are turned into raw materials that can create new things (rather than new resources). It is important to understand the difference so you can give back properly.


We use PH Alkaline water, which reduces acid in the bloodstream, improves metabolism, improves digestion, and increases energy.


The Mirror is interactive and can motivate you to exercise. You can check it out while you wait for your drink or while you hang out in our space.

InBody Machine

The InBody machine is the most comprehensive body composition analysis on the market. We care about your health and there is no more accurate or sisinct way to check on your body water, body fat, skeletal mass and overall body composition than the InBody machine. These are just a few things that our InBody machine can test, to see everything stop by and get a scan today!

All this to say, we have taken everything into consideration. From the coffee beans you drink to the air you breathe. We care about the whole process. Everything has a purpose and is resourced responsibly because we care about you and our planet. That is the BurnButter® Cafe Experience, and it sets us apart from the rest.