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Our Butters

Pre-Mixed Butter Coffee Pouches

If you like butter in your coffee, or simply want portable, easy to use and On-the-Go healthy fats, then you’re going to love BurnButter®! When we set out to make The World’s Best Butter, we knew we only wanted to include all-natural ingredients in the perfect proportions for long-lasting energy.

We believe that people who are mindful about what they put in their body should have access to a convenient, on-the-go solution that’s just as wholesome as the from-scratch butter coffee they make at home. Here are just a FEW of the reasons why our butter is so amazing:

  • We use only butter from grass-fed and pasture-raised cows
  • We use all-natural flavors, with no artificial flavoring or colors
  • Our butter is infused with the purest MCT-C8 & Avocado oils
  • Our revolutionary packaging means they can be taken anywhere!

BurnButter® is the ideal snack for anyone living a clean-eating, low-carb lifestyle. Our product is meant for the consumer who knows what you put into your body matters. We don’t cut corners to save pennies: we know that quality is important and we love producing a high-quality, all-natural butter coffee mix for people who appreciate the value of wholesomeness!

Finally you can have your butter coffee on-the-go!

Portable & Convenient Design - BurnButter® comes in individual pouches, so it is not only portable but also prevents you from eating an entire cube of butter in one sitting--trust us, you would! Our delicious butter coffee packs travel well and are great to keep in your purse, lunch box, or jacket pocket for an energy boost whenever you need it. Never leave home without your butter coffee again!

Paleo and Ketogenic Friendly - There is a reason virtually every diet and lifestyle advocates eating and consuming healthy fats. It's because healthy fats and oils are packed with nutrition and help keep you full! High-carb snacks might give you a brief surge of energy, but the crash will follow shortly and you’ll be back to square one. High-fat snacks like BurnButter® are slow-burning fuel for every-day awesomeness.

How do you use BurnButter®?

Enjoy them on their own, or with your favorite snack or beverage - Butter coffee isn’t the only way to enjoy our product: you can put BurnButter® on anything! We prefer ours in coffee or tea (the added flavor is simply delicious) or on top of our favorite foods and snacks. You can also put them in smoothies! Some folks even drink them straight out of the pouch for an instant energy boost, whether they’re putting in a double-shift or running a marathon. Whenever you need a tasty, low-carb snack, look no further!

Take them anywhere - Because we package our butter coffee mix in 1oz packets, you can bring it wherever your life takes you. Throw it in your lunch box, purse, or gym bag. Whether you’re 4 hours in at the office or 4 miles out on the trail, BurnButter is an easy and convenient way to get your energy boost when you need it most!

Want to try some?

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